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List of Illustrations

Front Cover [Pencil, Jamie Thompson]

Frontispiece [Pencil, JT]

Table of Contents Logo and Navigation Button [Pencil, JT]

Waxing Moon Navigation Buttons [Pencil, JT]

Part I: UFOs in the World [Pencil, JT]

UFO Events Since 1938: An Abbreviated Chronology [Pencil, JT]

1952 July 28 Winston Churchill Memo [via History Channel]

Congressional Probe Of UFO Reports Asked [via WWMT]

Signatures of Witnesses to Mansfield UFO Incident [via Richland County History]

1977 Brazilian UFO Photographs [via Alchetron]

Child’s Drawing Following Ruwa UFO Incident [via The U.S. Sun]

Excerpt from The Wilson Memo

Orange Orbs Off the Carolina Coast [Photograph, via  The Charlotte Observer]

Gimbal [FLIR video screenshot, via New York Times]

Historic UFO Hearing On Capitol Hill [via Plane and Pilot]

Six Cattle Found Dead in Texas With Their Tongues Missing [via New York Times]

“There’s a whole fleet of them!” [Photograph, JT]

Interview I: The Whistleblower [Pencil, JT]

Apollo 11 Splashdown [Photograph, courtesy Orbit Creative]

Murray J. Penglass [Pencil, JT]

Murray’s desk [Pencil, JT]

Part II: What Might They Be?  [Pencil, JT] 

Interview II: The Scholar [Pencil, JT]

“artificial singularity” Cover Page [Pencil, JT]

rainbow lightning [Photograph, JT]

blue electric light [Pencil, JT]

Kelowna Sky [Photograph, JT]

Drive-INfection [Pencil, JT]

The Fall of Icarus [Etching, Wilhelm Janson and Antonio Tempesta, via LACMA]

breathing underwater [Pencil, JT]

La Chasse-galerie [Oil, Henri Julien

Hubble Unveils Monster Stars [Photograph, via NASA]

Rotring Cover Page [Pencil, JT]

Rotring: A4 # 031A4 # 029A4 # 020A4 # 018A4 # 039 [Pen, Carrie Meijer]

Shamanic Approaches to the Inside of a UFO [Pencil, JT]

Unidentified Submersible Object [Photograph, JT]

Part III: The Myth [Pencil, JT]

Interview III: The Storyteller [Pencil, JT]

Vanity Fair-style Graphic [Photo Collage, JT]

UFOs in Antiquity [Pencil, JT]

Interview IV: The Experiencer [Pencil, JT]

Full Moon [Pencil, JT]

Psychedelic Preview [Pencil, JT]

Back Cover [Pencil, JT]

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