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eleventh moon



          a·le·a·to·ry /ˈālēəˌtôrē / adjective 

          “depending on the throw of a dice or on chance;  random.”

          The following piece is constructed in 8 equivalent-sized sections,  to be read in any order.  In the author's mind,  a partial reading of “Drive-INfection” is totally fine.  Certainly the eight sections can be read in any order: reversed, or leapfrogging frontward and backward, etc;  ie the order can be quite by chance, whim, or accident.

          It also might be noted that a non-linear approach can introduce a more fluid, interactive experience for the reader.

          Of course,  bearing in mind the possible permutations and combinations, from a more pragmatic point of view (for readers on the go), a partial reading of,  say,  two or three sections can shave off tons of time.

          It is worth mentioning that one option is simply to skip “Drive-INfection” in its entirety!

          Although not necessarily recommended,  this “non-reading” approach,  at least to this author, seems a perfectly valid route,  perhaps a little like skipping that wing of the art gallery at closing time! 

          The reader simply carries on,  living life!

          Happy reading,  or "non-reading" as the case may be – the choice is yours!

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