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Max Scheinin:

Keith Thompson’s Angels and Aliens: UFOs and the Mythic Imagination was an indispensable resource in drafting the timeline of UFO events since 1938.

My friend Philip Patyk was an invaluable sounding board and source of feedback and insight.  He was generous in making himself constantly available to help in thinking about and preparing this issue’s content, and his own research supplemented mine.  His contributions inform multiple pieces across this issue.

Sincerest gratitude to Chris Carter,  Lieutenant Ryan Graves,  Barry M. Koplen,  and Diana Walsh Pasulka for their participation in this issue.  And thanks to all those who helped to arrange interviews:  Reyanna,  Matthew and Cheryl Snow at Gang, Tyre, Ramer, Brown & Passman, Inc.;  Haley Morris at Americans for Safe Aerospace;  Susan Swiatek at MUFON;  and Mark Rodeghier at CUFOS.  

My parents,  Richard Scheinin and Sara Solovitch,  lent their editorial expertise to this issue,  particularly to the interview introductions.  My brother Jesse Scheinin at critical moments gave excellent advice and needed encouragement. 

Special gratitude to Neil and Sandy Scheinin.

Big love to KUTX 98.9 and to Austin, Texas.

Thanks to Bruce Haynes and  Syma Solovitch,  to Ben Scheinin and Amanda Skinner,  to Joseph Solovitch and Rose Solovitch,  to JoShin Shaevel,  to Joel Stanley and Mako Voelkel,  to Molly Farr and Theresa Shetler,  and to Alice Wise and her family.

Honor and thanks to The Daughter’s Grimoire.

Jamie Thompson:

Allan Pulker for his insights into the world of Gurdjief;  Stephen Morris, Michael 'Blitz' Kaler, Alexandra Hubert at the NFB (Canada) and The National Film Board of Mars for their generous interest and support.

Lynn and Doug for our shared collective memory of the cistern and the order of dad's Placename Sneezes! 

Thanks to my mom and dad for taking us to the Drive-IN instead of church that fateful weekend,  and for infecting me at an early age (I think I'm okay now!).


Maria and Heinrich for introducing me to the Tuning of the Earth.

Robert Howard at Orbit Creative and The Howard Clan: Martin, for showing me real Montréal,   Amy,  for Camden Palace after-hours. 


Little Miss Ottawa for confirming that that Drive-in actually still exits.


The BB&N Class of '78 and the good folks of Delaware for the love and support (you know who you are!);  my Grade 7 music teacher, Mr. Pilkington, who let us doodle in class but never, ever erase!


Shar,  Michael D.,  d.L. shelly,  Peter Trnka,  Libby Zeleke,  family and friends, along with – as always – my two daughters,  Islay and Faryn: my heartfelt thanks for all your love and support.


The UFO Issue brought to you as always w music.etc // Mudhoney, Babe Ruth, Harmony on Mars, Simply Saucer, Deerhoof, and Sick of it All for reminding us what it is to be civilized:


"And one other thing: Civilization is not Technology. Technology is the science of Mechanical and Industrial Arts, it is not  Civilization. Civilization is an advanced stage in social development, meaning, that  when human beings interact between one other in advanced manners, they are Civilized. Just because we have fast boats, cars, planes, and we can communicate  over the internet, this does not make us civilized. These are tools. The more we love, the more we share, the more we care, do human things like really laugh out loud and not just type LOL, we become, Civilized."

Lou Koller, Sick of It All (New York)

Final word of thanks to Robert Dick in NYC for sharing his 6 Compositions //// for Glissando Flute as Max and I were coming down the homestretch with The UFO Issue,  and to my Grade 7 music teacher,  Mr. Pilkington, who let us doodle in class but never,  ever erase!


The ufology literature is vast.  The Daughter's Grimoire highly recommends George P. HansenThe Trickster and the Paranormal,  Jeffrey Kripal and Whitley StrieberThe Super Natural,  Diana Walsh PasulkaAmerican Cosmic,  and Keith ThompsonAngels and Aliens:  UFOs and the Mythic Imagination.

See here for a concise list of online reference sources,  and here for a compilation of articles on famous cases.

[Return to page three of UFO Events Since 1938]. 

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Meg Freer is a poet based in Kingston, Ontario;  find out more about her work on her Facebook page.  [Return to “artificial singularity”].

Lieutenant Ryan Graves hosts the podcast Merged,  and is founder of Americans for Safe Aerospace

Carrie Meijer is an artist based in Amsterdam,  The Netherlands;  see more of her work on her website.  [Return to Rotring].

Barry M. Koplen is a photographer and author based in Danville, Virginia;  his books are available here

Terence McKenna was a public intellectual,  orator and bard.  A great resource to begin discovering his performance thought is the Psychedelic Salon podcast.

Diana Walsh Pasulka's books are available here

The X-Files is streaming on Hulu.


To Hudson. – Max Scheinin

This issue of The Daughter’s Grimoire dedicated to, and in memory of, my little sister, Criss, watching night-time television along a rain-soaked 401 on the inside roof of the car, while our older brother and sister got to ride "up front" and we both still fit in back of the family station wagon. 

Criss I'm sure would have had a thing or two to say about UFOs.

– Jamie Thompson


Meg Freer wrote “artificial singularity” in 2020;  copyright © by Meg Freer, 2023.  

Carrie Meijer drew the images from her Rotring series that are displayed in this issue in 2023;  copyright © by Carrie Meijer,  2023. 

Murray J. Penglass wrote “UFOs These Days!” and “UFOs in Antiquity” in 2023;  copyright © by Murray J. Penglass,  2023. 

Max Scheinin wrote The Secrets of Singapore Valley in 2022 and “blue electric light” in 2023.  Max Scheinin wrote UFO Events Since 1938 in 2023.  Max Scheinin spoke with Diana Walsh Pasulka on April 4, 2023;  with Chris Carter on April 14, 2023;  with Ryan Graves on April 28, 2023;  and with Barry Koplen on May 3 and 8, 2023.  All works of fiction,  non-fiction reference documents, and interviews mentioned in this paragraph,  copyright © by Max Scheinin,  2023. 

Jamie Thompson wrote “Drive-INfection” in 2023;  copyright © by

Jamie Thompson,  2023.

The Daughter’s Grimoire, copyright © by Max Scheinin and Jamie Thompson, 2023.

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