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UFO Events Since 1938         
             an abbreviated chronology

fifth moon

Interview I: The Whistleblower
             in conversation with Lieutenant Ryan Graves

sixth moon

“UFOs These Days!”
             from the desk of Murray J. Penglass

eighth moon

Interview II: The Scholar
             in conversation with Diana Walsh Pasulka

ninth moon

“artificial singularity”
             a poem by Meg Freer

tenth moon

blue electric light
             a short story by Max Scheinin

eleventh moon

             an imaginary essay by Jamie Thompson

twelfth moon

Rotring (Selections)
             pen drawings by Carrie Meijer

thirteenth moon

Shamanic Approaches to the UFO
             a lecture by Terence McKenna

fifteenth moon

Interview III: The Storyteller
             in conversation with Chris Carter

sixteenth moon

The Secrets of Singapore Valley
             a novella by Max Scheinin

seventeenth moon

“UFOs in Antiquity”
             from the desk of Murray J. Penglass

nineteenth moon

Interview IV: The Experiencer
             in conversation with Barry M. Koplen

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