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In Conversation with Barry M. Koplen
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          I have to admit that initially I was a little bit afraid, because I didn’t know what to expect. But I got over that quickly, and reached behind me and opened the sliding door, and told the guys to come out. And all three of them came and saw what I saw.

          Everybody got a look at it – and it just hovered. And they saw what they wanted to see and they went back inside. And I stayed out there and just watched and – tried to do something telepathically to communicate with it, which didn’t have any success, I guess. And I just watched it leave. 

          MS: How long was it there?

          BMK: The first time, it was there about – I would say eight or nine or ten minutes. 

          The craft seemed to wait: it just hovered without a sound. There was no indication of any kind of propulsion.

          And it just – sat there, eighty feet up in the air, without moving, without a soundAnd it left: it left as quickly as it came.

          MS: Did you feel like you were being observed by it or from within it?

          BMK: Yes. Let me just answer that by telling you that I stayed out there. I didn’t go back inside, like the others did. And just minutes later, the craft reappeared, at the very same place. 

          The reason that I know there has to be alien life is that, all they had to decide is where they wanted to go and what they wanted to see. And the fact that they came back a second time indicated something to me, and I’m not sure what it was.

          MS: Well, also that first you saw it incredibly far away, and then it appeared before you. You saw it before it appeared, despite how far away it was. Have you ever wondered whether a kind of telepathic connection between you and it was forged – 

          BMK: Yes. I’ve never stopped wondering about that. 

          MS: What happened next?

          BMK: Well, when it came back, I reached again to the sliding glass door and asked my cousin to – actually, I asked him for the binoculars before it came back.

          So when it came back, the first thing I did was to get the binoculars and study the craft. It didn’t move, so it was easy to look at it and easy to see what I wanted to see, even though it just was a mystery to me, so much of what I saw. 

          MS: Did it look like it was made of metal?

          BMK: Yes.

          Now, if it was a metal that we knew of, chances are it wouldn’t have been able to fly at the speed this thing was flying. But by the same token, because there was no gravity for it to contend with, the chances that it was of a metal that we might even be able to use here were not so small – it wouldn’t surprise me. 

          But the metal that it appeared to be made of seemed to be a dull gray, even though at that time of night it was hard to tell exactly what color or what shade of gray it was.

          The craft was so close that, with the binoculars, I was able to fill one of the lenses with what appeared to be – at first it appeared to be the top of the craft, and it looked like a typical flying saucer that I’d seen pictures of. 

          But when I saw what looked to be these rectangular windows around the top of the craft, I couldn’t explain why I saw what was a strange kind of viscous, red substance that kind of seemed to be – it wasn’t oozing out of the craft, it was just there; I saw it through one of these rectangular windows, which I soon realized were vents. And when, decades later, I listened to Bob Lazar, I realized that that was the tip of the power generator, and it was the substance that was allowing the craft to have the power that it did. 

          The whole idea of creating its own gravity – it was as if they were flying in an envelope that had nothing to do with space. It created its own space that had infinite speeds, because there was no other gravity that they had to deal with – it’s like a void that’s traveling through all of the physical things that would confine it, including air and gravity.

          MS: How did it move when it arrived? – what did its arrival look like?

          BMK: It came to a stop without any sign of propulsion, or without any indication that it was using any energy source to keep it in place. And that was the effect of the gravity that it was creating, as well. 

          MS: How did it move when it departed? – what did that look like?

          BMK: The craft was sitting still and it went up at a slight angle, and then abruptly made a 90-degree turn and headed off into space.

          MS: Was there a moment when you saw it getting faster, or did it accelerate all at once?

          BMK: This thing was – like I said, it made that right-angle turn, and no sooner had it turned at the right angle than it disappeared. It was that fast. 

          MS: Was there a feeling of wind when it left?

          BMK: No. No sound – none of that. 

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