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The UFO Issue is the waxing moon half of our two-part moon-cycle pair of issues.

How the issue's waxing-moon navigation buttons emerged:

Jamie Thompson's waxing moon sketches led to the moon-navigation buttons in The UFO Issue

Jamie Thompson, 2023

You're already on the website for The Daughter's Grimoire, a new magazine of writing and visual arts.

Just now—when you clicked over to the Blog tab—you landed on The Daily Grimoire, our journal's associated blog.

Some things you'll find on The Daily Grimoire include:

  • Playlists (and embedded videos) of music that's spiritually tied to the contents of our journal

  • Interviews with, and guest posts by, people in the orbit of The Daughter's Grimoire

  • Ruminations. Short essays. Questions.

  • Photos and sketches

  • Excerpts of upcoming content from The Daughter's Grimoire

Visit our About page to learn more, and please subscribe to our newsletter to receive blog posts in digest form in your inbox—as well as announcements about new issues.

About the Authors

The Daughter's Grimoire is a shared labo(u)r of love by photographer Jamie Thompson and fiction writer Max Scheinin. It's our second collaboration: the first was The Junction Trio, a chamber-music ensemble that performed and recorded in and around Toronto from 2009 until 2019. TJT featured Thompson on flute, Scheinin on violin (for three years), and Lucas Tensen on cello. Together, we presented underground classical shows that were partly traditional and partly cutting-edge/non-classical: improvising on pitched-percussion instruments and shakuhachi flute, sharing the stage with rappers, taking on Radiohead songs. We were as likely to play formal concerts outdoors as in ticketed venues; and after hours, we snuck into abandoned ballrooms and factories midway through the demolition process, to explore unusual acoustic spaces.

The Daughter's Grimoire

The same spirit of classicism and eclecticism informs us as we undertake this collaboration in online publishing. And as before, our destination is unknown. We are setting out on a quest: how do we discover the place in our imagination that is both ancient and new, collective and individual?

The Daughter's Grimoire will be published quarterly, and each issue will be self-contained—a set of creative responses to a particular mythopoeic image or theme; a series of branching trails departing from and arriving at a common point.

Between issues, we will blog. The Daily Grimoire is canon, but its content may be less polished—spontaneous pieces that provide a broader context for what you read in the magazine.

Welcome to The Daughter's Grimoire.

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